The Effects of Technology in the workplace

In this segment we focus on the negative impacts of technology in the workplace.  With technology there is a marked increase in productivity, speed of communication; access to others; document trails.

Are there limits to human multi-tasking and what physical affects will this have long term on people?

With technology comes the obsolescence of some jobs/people (printing industry; blockbuster video; others

The advent of E bidding vs. Sales person ownership of your work in electronic form. E-mail cannot convey emotion or intent

Loss of focus on substance due to delivery story:   Use DRAFT on everything! Acct manager Terminated over reply to all button! E mail intention misinterpreted; caused huge escalation and required HR intervention!

To limit the amount of incoming emails that vie for your attention. Create “rules” in your email software that will direct carbon copy emails to a separate folder.  Then you can focus on the emails where you are directly addressed.


Fired for stealing gasoline!   Caught by Technology!   Big Brother!

High Tech firm which requires an internal arm chip to gain access around the facility!



We speak with Randy MSW   (Master of Social Work) regarding the Human issues with Technology


21 Rules of Business Segment:

#4 Everything You Want is Currently Owned or Controlled by Someone else.  You Get What you Negotiate

#5 Not Sure about Why?  Follow the Money Trail

#6 Keep Your Friends Close and Your Enemy’s Closer


Mail Segment

Bill in Chicago is getting tired of the CYA emails.


Jill in Denver lost her IT job to a call center in Canada.

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