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Managing vs. Leading

Do you need to be high up in the company to have a chance to demonstrate leadership?

Are people “born leaders” or is leadership learned?

Are leaders superior to managers?

These and other questions was examined in this segment of The John and Jerry Show.

21 Rules of Business continued:

13 – When a war breaks out…choose a side

14 – Tenacity and Persistence…will prevail over brilliance

15 – A Desk is a Terrible Place From Which to View the World

The John and Jerry Show

Securing and Upgrading Your Employment

So you decided to get a job? Or did you decide long ago and now you really need to land that job?

In this segment of The John and Jerry Show we discuss how to secure or even upgrade your present employent position.

Employers are now seeking added value from their employees: people who can bring skills for multiple functions are more desired than the singular specialist. 

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Sylvia Plath


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Keeping Your Edge For Success

In this segment, John and Jerry discuss the importance of Keeping Your Edge.

In all things that have to do with some level of performance there is AN EDGE. The EDGE is the margin of difference which separate the very best from the rest.

How do you develop The Edge?

Will you use your Edge if you have one?

Tenacity, Self Disipline and Focus are almost always elements of being able to exploit an Edge; without those being on the Edge of something does not occur on its own.

People on Their Edge are more likely to be Masters of their own lives

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Time Management

Time is a resource common to all people. Companies that manage Time and Energy best will typically perform the best; it’s easy to get lost and distracted now a days;

Urgencies vs. Importance of Tasks Model

There is a difference between Time and Energy  –   energy can tap time and time can tap energy

21 Rules of Business
#7  Business is War
#8  Business Survival is a Matter of Really Knowing Exactly What Situation Your In 
*9    Whatever Can go wrong Will go wrong…..and at the most inopportune time 

The Effects of Technology in the workplace

In this segment we focus on the negative impacts of technology in the workplace.  With technology there is a marked increase in productivity, speed of communication; access to others; document trails.

Are there limits to human multi-tasking and what physical affects will this have long term on people?

With technology comes the obsolescence of some jobs/people (printing industry; blockbuster video; others

The advent of E bidding vs. Sales person ownership of your work in electronic form. E-mail cannot convey emotion or intent

Loss of focus on substance due to delivery story:   Use DRAFT on everything! Acct manager Terminated over reply to all button! E mail intention misinterpreted; caused huge escalation and required HR intervention!

To limit the amount of incoming emails that vie for your attention. Create “rules” in your email software that will direct carbon copy emails to a separate folder.  Then you can focus on the emails where you are directly addressed.


Fired for stealing gasoline!   Caught by Technology!   Big Brother!

High Tech firm which requires an internal arm chip to gain access around the facility!



We speak with Randy MSW   (Master of Social Work) regarding the Human issues with Technology


21 Rules of Business Segment:

#4 Everything You Want is Currently Owned or Controlled by Someone else.  You Get What you Negotiate

#5 Not Sure about Why?  Follow the Money Trail

#6 Keep Your Friends Close and Your Enemy’s Closer


Mail Segment

Bill in Chicago is getting tired of the CYA emails.


Jill in Denver lost her IT job to a call center in Canada.

Theft in the WorkPlace

In this segment of the John and Jerry Show we discuss the following:

LA Times story about baggage theft by TSA employees.
How people rationalize theft from employers
Theft in its subtle forms including the stapler stealer.
Proprietary information –  your computer, its content and all your work belong to your employer
Company example-  employee ships wheels via UPS to his own home !
Old office manager coming in to count coin on Sunday !!

21 Rules of Business Segment
Everything is Negotiable
Perceived Reality IS Reality
Ask for Forgiveness,  Not Permission

We talk with Evan Cohen, owner of Quality Marble and Granite in Ontario CA
Quality Marble and Granite