The Power of Engagement

This is the third in a series of podcasts entitled “The Power Of….”.  Join John and Jerry as they discuss The Power of Engagement in this segment of The John and Jerry Show.

In this segment our guest caller is Diane Bochy who after more than 20 years at Coca Cola can now be found at The Interview. Diane shares her thoughts on managing Employee Engagement.

What is Engagement?
What can you do as an Employer to generate more Employee Engagement?
What happens when employess are engaged and when they are not?
How is engagement related to success in your career?

You can find Diane at:

The Interview
Twitter:  theinterview_us

The John and Jerry Show

Managing vs. Leading

Do you need to be high up in the company to have a chance to demonstrate leadership?

Are people “born leaders” or is leadership learned?

Are leaders superior to managers?

These and other questions was examined in this segment of The John and Jerry Show.

21 Rules of Business continued:

13 – When a war breaks out…choose a side

14 – Tenacity and Persistence…will prevail over brilliance

15 – A Desk is a Terrible Place From Which to View the World

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